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Author: vincentwright

Social media branding professional. Focused on branding encouragement. 1.) Brandergist at Brandergy.com, a network of thousands of social media practitioners and professionals who recognize the importance social media branding plays in their professional success. 2.) Founder MyLinkedinPowerForum.com (2005) 3.) CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) TheBiggestBusinessInTheWorld.com 4.) Creator of hundreds of professional discussion groups including the following: Linkedin Answers Linkedin Bloggers Linkedin Chicago Linkedin Venture Capital MyLinkedinPowerForum.com (now Brandergy.com) Linkedin Brandergy ( http://bit.ly/BrandergyOnLinkedin ) Facebook Brandergy ( http://on.fb.me/FacebookBrandergy ) Twitter Brandergy ( http://bit.ly/TwitterBrandergy ) Ning Brandergy ( http://MyLinkingPowerForum.Ning.com ) 5.) CEO/President at Wright Enterprises. 20 years of networking through 5 interrelated consultancies focused on consultative relationship building, recruitment, branding, social media, and coaching, Specialties * branding * brandergy * encouragement * recruiting | staffing | employment * job search coaching * social media consulting

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