Why We NEED to be Intriguing – Sam Horn

Paper Napkin Wisdom - Blog and Podcast For Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Difference-Makers


Sam Horn is an Intrigue Expert, a world-renowned author, keynote speaker, and communications strategist. She’s a woman who deeply cares about helping entrepreneurs and leaders communicate more effectively and in her Paper Napkin Wisdom she warns us: “If you’re not intriguing… you’re out of sight, out of mind.”

There’s little doubt that in this new media society the constant assault on our senses has created a dynamic in which it’s hard to get someone’s attention and even harder to keep them interested. Sam tells us that in order to break through that noise we need to make ourselves intriguing. “When we’re intriguing,” says Sam “it’s a win for us and everyone we meet, everyone around us.”

It’s about connecting

Sam says that being intriguing is about connecting with people, and talking about things that are mutually beneficial and rewarding. Are you worth people’s valuable time and mind space? How…

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