From Crowdfunding To Open Access, Startups Are Experimenting With Academic Research


[tc_dropcap]These days may well be the next golden age for universities, and startups are leading the way. For institutions that can feel much like their counterparts from a thousand years ago, universities have witnessed breathtaking change in just a handful of years.[/tc_dropcap]

The development of Massive Open Online Courses by startups like Udacity, Coursera, and others have forced many staid university administrators to consider how technology can transform higher education, particularly in the dissemination of educational content. And while the hype around these startups may have subsided, the change in mindset they have engendered means that their influence will continue well into the future.

Yet, for all of the splashy accounts on the rise of these new teaching startups, one function of the university has consistently been missed – their research programs. Clark Kerr, the first chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, once coined the term “multiversity”…

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Why We NEED to be Intriguing – Sam Horn

Why We NEED to be Intriguing – Sam Horn.

Why We NEED to be Intriguing – Sam Horn

Paper Napkin Wisdom - Blog and Podcast For Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Difference-Makers


Sam Horn is an Intrigue Expert, a world-renowned author, keynote speaker, and communications strategist. She’s a woman who deeply cares about helping entrepreneurs and leaders communicate more effectively and in her Paper Napkin Wisdom she warns us: “If you’re not intriguing… you’re out of sight, out of mind.”

There’s little doubt that in this new media society the constant assault on our senses has created a dynamic in which it’s hard to get someone’s attention and even harder to keep them interested. Sam tells us that in order to break through that noise we need to make ourselves intriguing. “When we’re intriguing,” says Sam “it’s a win for us and everyone we meet, everyone around us.”

It’s about connecting

Sam says that being intriguing is about connecting with people, and talking about things that are mutually beneficial and rewarding. Are you worth people’s valuable time and mind space? How…

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Embed a Follow Button for Your Blog

The Blog

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new way for people to engage with your blogs: an embeddable version of the Follow Button that you’ve seen in your toolbar for some time now. Like similar buttons you’ve seen for other social networks, this Follow Button can be added anywhere on the web and looks something like this:

Follow Button for News

Get the code

We’ve created a simple form to generate the necessary code snippet for the button, which you’ll find on the Developer Resources site. On the left, under Button Options, you can choose which site to follow, provide control over the button’s appearance, and then click Generate to produce the code. On the right, you’ll see a preview of the button, along with the code underneath, which you can copy and paste wherever you’d like the button to appear.

Follow Button steps

If your visitors are already logged in with their accounts…

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Five Magical Proposition Development Ingredients – No. 3 Expert Insight Interpretation

“customer value proposition development” = PERFECT!


Unlike advertising campaigns or systems improvements, which happen all the time in a business, customer value proposition development happens a lot less frequently. There are fewer products and services to promote and therefore fewer propositions to create or evolve. Which means those clients involved in this important process are working across – at best – a few proposition developments each year.

Picture1At Lexden our team has developed over 50 propositions in different sectors, across more than 10 countries, to all segments of society. That’s not us wanting to crow, but what it does mean is that we have probably spent between 500 and 1,000 days searching for or commissioning and interrogating customer insight to unearth the compelling proposition territory to build from. We find this frequency and variety allows us to reach out, identify and blend a wider pallet of attributes and techniques than the biggest proposition departments have access…

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The Science of Online Friendship

The Science of Online Friendship.


Editor’s note:Legendary investor Vinod Khosla is the founder of Khosla Ventures. You can follow him on Twitter at @vkhosla. All Khosla Ventures investments, as well as ventures related to Vinod Khosla, are italicized.

We are in a whole new world of platforms, a post-PC era, which I’d more aptly describe as the always/everywhere era, finally, and that means a whole new set of opportunities. Add to it the fact that because of a variety of factors too numerous to cover here, the cost of experimentation has gone down dramatically (one can start a web startup or write an Android app with no more than a student credit card!) and raw computing power is taken for granted.

What you get as a result are the recent successes in the Internet/mobile space like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zynga, Groupon and others, all of which have reenergized both entrepreneurs and investors…

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